Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Doofiest Dad of them all

Interesting editorial by John Tierney in the New York Times this morning on Doofus Dads. He's writing about t.v. dads like Homer Simpson and others I don't really know much about, but the piece really reminded me of the most annoying doofus dad of all time--Papa Bear of the Berenstain Bears. I hate how Papa always messes things up, or supports the kids when they're wrong, and then he is lectured by Mama Bear. Makes me crazy!

Mama Bear is quite possibly the most annoying character in all children's literature--she's always right in the end, she's endlessly patient, she gave up a job (making quilts no less) after a few days because her whiny children (all three of them) complained. I way prefer doofus dad to her and I'm also a mom! Too bad both my children loved the Berenstain Bears. I've had to suffer through them not just once, but twice.