Saturday, June 25, 2005

Living with a Writer.

Afraid to Write writes to Salon's Cary Tennis (writer and advice columnist), "I want to write but I'm afraid to because my family and friends will think it's about them."

Well, Afraid to Write, let me tell you all about it. It is not easy reading your words coming out of a negative character's mouth. It is not easy seeing some details of your life used as material. It takes a good relationship and nerves of steel to survive it. My husband, the author of a novel I'm currently reading, says, "Of course it's not you! She's much meaner!" It's rough, man. I've suggested he write a fake diary explaining how this woman is not his wonderful, beautiful wife, but he just laughed at the idea. (I personally love the idea of fake diaries in any case, but one protecting my reputation is even better.)

In my case I'm lucky in one thing. My husband writes in a foreign language and his book will be published abroad. And since translations seem to be on the out, at least I won't get any questions in English.

So go ahead, Afraid to Write, go ahead and write if you must. Just know who your friends are!