Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Shark Boy and Lava Girl

Oh.My.God. This movie was awful.

I'm not even sure what the basic premise was. Either we must dare to dream. Or reality is a dream. Or dreams are reality. Or when we turn 12 we musn't forget to dream. Dreaming with our eyes open has more power than dreaming with our eyes closed.

Horrid. The acting was dreadful. The plot didn't make any sense at all. The 3-D was dark and depressing and the Planet of Drool (why? because of sleeping? Why would Shark Boy and Lava Girl be on Planet Drool?) was a psychadelic nightmare.

The good:

-Lava Girl has a light-up the room smile. She may go somewhere.

-The opening sequence with the sharks was great. My 4-year-old adores sharks and knows everything about them, so that section was worth the $5 admission.

-Kristin Davis can actually act! To see her paired with David Arquette was painful, though. (Oh, and his character's a writer. She's forcing him to get a real job. He must be a dreamer, get it?)

I thought Spy Kids 1-2 were great. Even the best directors come up with a dud every once in awhile. My head hurts.