Thursday, July 21, 2005



Many questions remain (of course) after reading HP 6.

1) The most obvious is (and everyone is discussing it)—who is R.A.B. and why is he or she after the horcruxes? Most votes seem to go with Regulus Black, of whose death we have been told many times by many characters. My daughter is voting for Amelia Bones. Maybe her first name is Rebecca or something?

2) Will Hermione and Ron end up together in the end? Will they name their first child Harry?

3) Will Bill be cured of his ½ werewolf bite and, more importantly, will he be handsome again?

4) Has Draco become Harry's own Snape? Will he always feel sorry for him?

5) Who is really dead? Sirius' death and the slipping behind the veil was quite different from Dumbledore's death and entombment. Lots of people on the child_lit listserv seem to think that Dumbledore is not really dead, but I think it more likely to be Sirius who can come back from "behind the veil." One thing is for certain—the two deaths were so different from one another that this difference has to be significant.

Well, it was a fun read. And I'm sure there will be more questions. If anyone has more ideas, please let me know. I'd love to add to my very short list! Still in France with limited resources, so I'm moving on to Cornelia Funke's Dragon Rider. I have put off reading this one because I really disliked (gasp!) The Thief Lord and only made it through half of it. But Dragon Rider was on sale at Waterstones, so I thought I'd give it a go.