Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Results are trickling in...

Well, the reviewers are beginning to review! The formidable Michiko Kakutani wrote a favorable review for The New York Times and Robert McCrum questions whether or not HP 6 could stand alone (I also wonder about this) in The Guardian but generally gives the book a good review.

I am now on my second read. I do agree that if you picked up HP 6 without reading any of the others you'd be totally lost. However I found her prose greatly improved from HP5 (though many experts are still weighing in with leaden prose comments and exhortations "to show and not tell"). Harry's development as a character is especially intriguing. I agree with much Kerry has to say at Wayfarers All and look forward finding an internet place I can use reliably (and with an English keyboard) to chime in!