Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Car Trip

We're on the road again today. It's the last trip of the summer. This time we're off to see the grandparents in California.

One of the downsides of living in Smalltown is the effort needed to travel. Today we will spend three hours in the car, 3 hours on one plane, 1 hour on another, and, finally, another hour in another car. Bliss.

The prospect of all this travel has reminded me of one of my favorite books for the youngest set--Helen Oxenbury's The Car Trip.

Helen Oxenbury is a two time winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal (most recently for her charming illustrations to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. )

The Car Trip describes one of those family car trips during which everything goes wrong. The young boy eats only sweets for lunch, then gets car sick and throws up from his car seat, then has to go to the bathroom. When dad stops the car for the bathroom stop, it breaks down and has to be towed. The tow truck takes the family home at which point our young protagonist tells his neighbors it was the best trip ever.

My kids loved the throwing up page, of course.