Wednesday, August 10, 2005

First-Day Jitters

First-day-of-school dreams or nightmares, anyone?

Well, it's coming upon us fast. The first day of school. My dad, who is a teacher, has already had the first day nightmare. Every year, new nightmare. Last year I had a dream that I was up on stage and was told I needed to lecture on Economics to 500 incoming first-years. I don't know anything about Econ and I didn't in the dream either. Also, my shoes were completely shredded for some reason.

This year I've been lucky so far. But I think it's because I've been away from home for so long.

Kids worry about the first day too. Maybe even more than teachers do! But they have books.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has put together a list of books dealing with that all-important first day of school--the first day of kindergarten. It's a nice list and mentions a number of new picture books.

Elizabeth Kennedy at also has compiled Top 10 Children's Books About Starting School. Smart choices and commentary make this one a must see.

Finally, Jamie at Once Upon a Story has included a new list of back-to-school books from the Houston Chronicle on her blog. Get reading everyone, the days are numbered.