Sunday, August 28, 2005


The kids and I made our first library trip after returning from our summer trips. One of the gems we picked up this week was Germs by Ross Collins.

The story begins when Pox (Chickenpox 12087-2) is summarily sent off to Germ school to fulfill his destiny--infecting children with the chickenpox virus. His classmates are a motley crew--Pus (Mumps), Scab (Tonsillitis), Rash (Measles), and everyone's favorite, Snot (Common Cold). The classmates are all pictured together on the front cover of Germs. Pox is noticeably cuter than his comrades and struggles with his fate as a "germ."

Pox's reluctance to infect the unsuspecting is soon noticed by classmates and teachers and he is dispatched to infect Myrtle and spoil her birthday. I won't reveal the ending here, but this is a very cute book and a great read-aloud. Young science fans will love it.

Here's a website devoted to Germs.