Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Toot & Puddle

In a nice bag of books from Time Warner, the newest Toot & Puddle offering Toot & Puddle: Wish You were Here.

Holly Hobbie's charming books have long been favorites in our house. They appeal to both girls and boys with their slow-paced approach to life in Woodcock Pocket. Hobbie's illustrations are gorgeous, cheerful, and often hilarious and Toot and Puddle can brighten any gloomy day.

Toot is on the road again in Toot & Puddle: Wish You Were Here, just as he was in one of my favorites in the series, Toot & Puddle: Welcome to Woodcock Pocket. He sends his entertaining postcards home, detailing his adventures in Wildest Borneo. All begins well as Toot seeks out "the wildest plants ever." He's thrilled by the "imperial quaking spice pod," the "hairy indigo mud lily," and the "wandering moon bloom." (Great illustrations, needless to say!) Meanwhile, Puddle is at home with his young pig-cousin Opal planting marigolds and zinnias. One of Hobbie's recurring themes is the contrast between home and faraway. Home always wins for Puddle, while Toot likes to experience the world.

This time, however, Toot runs into trouble. I won't spoil the suspense, but Toot arrives home in an altered state and Puddle and Opal must cure him with a little detective work. The internet and some exploration at home do the trick.

A very cute read and a welcome addition to our home library.