Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cornelia Funke and literary influences

I think Cornelia Funke is one of the best writers for children writing today. I loved Dragonrider and Inkheart. Inkheart has replaced Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as my 9-year-old's favorite read. Her copy of Inkheart, bought this summer in an English-language bookstore in France for some amazing amount of money, is so worn now pieces fly out of it as she carries it around the house.

I am stunned to read today in the Publishers Weekly "Children's Bookshelf" newsletter that the inspiration for Mo was none other than the actor Brendan Fraser. From this tidbit of an article we learn, "When Funke sent the book to Fraser, she included the inscription: 'For Brendan Fraser. If you ever read this to your children, tell them it was their father who made these pages breathe.'" What a nice note! What a surprise to this reader. Just shows you that influences can come from anywhere.

On a related note, Michele at Scholar's Blog has recently reviewed a number of Funke's novels. (See September 4, 25, and October 3 for her reviews.)