Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Golden & Grey

Golden & Grey (An Unremarkable Boy and a Rather Remarkable Ghost) is a new type of ghost story. Written by Louise Arnold, Golden & Grey features a boy and a ghost who become bound together by a simultaneously uttered "Life is not fair."

The novel begins when Tom Golden, who has recently moved, is tormented at his new school. Grey Arthur is a ghost who hasn't yet found his way in the ghost world. He's not serious enough to be a Sadness Summoner and not mischievous enough to be a Poltergeist. When he hears Tom's "life is not fair," he decides his job is to be an "invisible friend."

(In one of the most funny scenes in the novel Miranda, a poltergeist, explains to Grey Arthur that he's got it all wrong in his choice of career: "'Human children,' said Miranda slowly, trying to keep the grin from her face, 'have invisible friends that only they can see.' She paused to let this sink in. 'They Are Imaginary. That's why they're called invisible! They don't really exist.'")

Grey Arthur is cast into doubt. Should he remain an Invisible Friend if such a thing doesn't really exist for a ghost? But when Tom has an accident and, after a head injury, can finally see and communicate with Arthur, Arthur stays on in his role and all sorts of scary adventures ensue.

Golden & Grey is a cute, page-turning read for the 8-12 set.