Saturday, October 08, 2005


Jacqueline Blais interviews Kurt Vonnegut for the USA Today. In the interview we learn Vonnegut likes Law & Order (especially with Jerry Orbach, of course), he thinks humans have "trashed the joint" (earth), and that wise people "are despised" in the U.S.
Most interestingly, Vonnegut says that among the good things are:

"Librarians, too — "not famous for their physical strength" — who resist having books removed from shelves and refuse to give names of people who have checked out certain books in the era of the Patriot Act.

'The America I loved,' he writes, "still exists in the front desks of public libraries.'"

What a wonderful quote. I have to admit that I had no idea what really cool people librarians are until I started this blog and reading all the book blogs out there (Camille at BookMoot, Tasha at KidsLit, and the author of TangognaT come to mind immediately.)