Sunday, October 23, 2005


Gillian Flaccus covers WriteGirl for the Los Angeles Times (via the AP) today.

Here is their website. What an amazingly awesome organization! (Excuse the teen speech, I'm just truly blown away by this organization.)

WriteGirl pairs an "at-risk" girl who wants to write with an established writer in the LA area. They stage performances where the girls can read their work and publish anthologies of their writings. WriteGirl 4 is now out and can be purchased at Amazon and a couple of independent booksellers.

This is the sad part of the story:

"Taylor, a former singer-songwriter, was forced to cap student enrollment at 50 and says she hasn't actively recruited new girls in three years. All the teens in the program — many from the city's most troubled inner-city schools — have gone on to college. The group gets requests every day from teachers, camp directors and nonprofits to expand or start similar programs elsewhere, something WriteGirl hasn't been able to afford yet."