Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Carl Hiaasen interview

Dave Weich interviews Carl Hiaasen about his children's books, writing, Florida, and Paolini for (Thanks to Child_Lit for the link)

For fans of children's literature, here's an interesting exchange:
  • Dave: In both Hoot and Flush, the narrators have to deal with bullies.
  • Hiaasen: I was writing from my own adolescence in those books. I was a year younger than everybody, so I was always the smallest kid in my class, all through high school. I had to develop a wit. I became a class clown to disarm them with words because physically I would just get my ass pounded.

Hiaasen then discusses the fan letters he receives from children, most of which focus on either bullying they face or on environmental issues important to them (as to Hiaasen).

Also, did you know Hiaasen was instrumental in getting Paolini published? (I haven't been able to get through Eldest or Eragon, but I hadn't heard the Hiaasen connection before. )