Monday, November 21, 2005

Writing the movies

Mary McNamara talks to Steve Kloves, screenwriter for the first four Harry Potter movies, for the Los Angeles Times.

After six years writing the first four movies, Kloves decided to take a break. But after reading The Half-Blood Prince he signed on again for movie number 6, overlapping with Michael Goldberg who is writing the script for The Order of the Phoenix. Kloves explains this is a good thing because, "'They want to film the two as close to back-to-back as they can...Because the kids are really starting to grow up. And if we lose the kids, if they have to recast for six or seven, I think we will lose the movies. That's what makes them magic.'"

Kloves comments on The Half-Blood Prince and Snape: "'It's hard because if you look at the books, Snape really just sort of hovers, as a threat, more than actually does something,' Kloves says. 'And Alan is just a wonderful actor. He always says the lines exactly as I write them, including the ellipses. I have never met an actor who could act out ellipses, but Alan can.'"

I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night and Rickman, regrettably, has very little to do. He's a brilliant as ever and one Potions scene is just riotous. I am not entirely sure what I thought of the movie overall, though, but it is the first Harry Potter I'd like to see again. It had so much to offer and I felt like I missed a lot taking kids with me!