Thursday, November 10, 2005


Scott Moore interviews (for the Washington Post) Chris Van Allsburg about the upcoming release of "Zathura."

"Zathura" is a film version of Van Allsburg's 32-page picture book of the same name. Moore begins his article in the following way: "Zathura is easy to spot among children's picture books. Very few are in black and white. And even fewer have a gold sticker proclaiming 'Now a Major Motion Picture!'" Two other picture books had that sticker too. Van Allsburg's own Polar Express and Jumanji (I liked the 2nd of these two movie versions.)

The book's 32-pages were, needless to say, elaborated upon. Moore explains, "Characters have been added; Danny's relationship with his brother is more complicated; the game is more elaborate; and there's no mention of Jumanji."