Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday Shorts

Steve Chawkins investigates which is the wardrobe for the LA Times. The article begins:

  • "You are a child returning from adventures with a lion and a witch in the magical land of Narnia when you tumble out of a wardrobe and you're staring at the secretary of the English department at Westmont College. Alternatively, you might pop out of a wardrobe and into a research library at Wheaton College outside Chicago, gaping at a clutch of C.S. Lewis scholars who, of course, would be gaping back at you."

Westmont and Wheaton Colleges each have one of C.S. Lewis' wardrobes and it isn't entirely clear which is the real life model.


The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art has put together an exhibition of Dutch children's book illustrations. The exhibition, titled "Dutch Treats: Contemporary Illustration From the Netherlands," will be at the UBS Art Gallery in New York (1285 Avenue of the Americas) before moving to the Carle in March.

Katherine Shattuck covers the exhibition for the New York Times. The star of the exhibition is, of course, "Miffy's father" Dick Bruna. The works of Max Velthuijs, Jan Jutte, Fiep Westendorp, and Yvonne Jagtenberg are also featured. The event's curator has a larger message:

  • 'We wanted to show very interesting children's books illustrators that are seen as normal artists in the Netherlands,' Truusje Vrooland-Löb, an expert on Dutch children's literature and the show's curator, said in a telephone interview from Amsterdam last week. 'Their work can hang on the wall as well as any other artwork.'