Monday, January 09, 2006

Louis Sachar

Tracy Grant talks to Louis Sachar today for the Washington Post about Small Steps, Sachar's sequel to Holes.

Small Steps is an excellent read (I'll post a review soon), snappy and well-written. The characters are compelling and the dialogue realistic. But, Armpit is older and Grant addresses this issue in her interview.

  • TG: "Armpit is older and there are some more mature themes. Do you expect your audience is older, too?"
  • LS: "I don't think too much about the audience when I'm writing....I'm aware that Holes was read by kids as young as 8, up to adults. I know a lot of those readers will want to read this book. I keep that in mind. But basically I'm writing a story that appeals to me."

Tracy Grant also asks about Keira, a young popstar and a main character in Small Steps. Sachar replies,

  • "With Holes I was troubled that there weren't very many female characters. I tried to put them in where I could. But the setting didn't lend itself to girls. When I start a book, I usually don't know where I'm going. I just start with something that intrigues me. In this case it was Armpit, X-Ray and a ticket-scalping scheme. It wasn't until I was well into the first draft that Keira became a [major] character."

As a companion piece, KidsPost meets Louis Sachar. "Favorite pizza topping: Green peppers. Favorite ice cream flavor: Coffee. Favorite kids book that you didn't write: Charlotte's Web."