Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Science Fiction for Children

Colleen Mondor takes on new science fiction for children in the January edition of Bookslut. Mondor's review of Jay Lake's Rocket Science is of particular interest. Set in Augusta, Kansas, "Lake has the plot flying with Nazis, Communists, the U.S. Military and the mob all converging on the town of Augusta." Sounds good already! And, Mondor writes, "From start to finish Lake channels the talents of the great writers from the Golden Age of science fiction. This book is just flat-out fun. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this ride. As soon as I was finished I put my copy in the mail to my older brother -- I knew he was going to love it too and I didn’t want to keep him waiting."

Mondor also reviews John Lunn's The Aquanauts ("a wonderful story about some great characters caught in a catastrophe and how they must be both brave and smart in order to get out alive"), and Seonna Hong's Animus (a book for "readers from my own four-year old son to the typical misunderstood teenage artist and most certainly should be appreciated by all moving book aficionados.")