Sunday, February 05, 2006


Non-fiction is the order of the day in the Sunday reviews. (Usually I'd have these up on Saturday, but as blogger was down most of the evening....)

Sara Fanelli's My Map Book is the Times "Children's Book of the Week." Nicolette Jones, writes of My Map Book, "Using bright, flat colours and concentric circles à la Robert Delaunay, scribbles, tiny figures, lettering in irregular capitals, perspectives from both above and the side and incomplete layers of childlike colouring-in, this is a stylishly designed object. The dust jacket unfolds to make a poster with spaces to fill in, and invites you to make your own map on the back — an irresistible proposition." My Map Book was published in 1995 in the U.S.

Dennis Brindell Fradin's With a Little Luck: Surprising Stories Of Amazing Discoveries is the "KidsPost" Book of the Week in the Washington Post. Here's the gist: "This book will fill you in on the history of several discoveries, from the ichthyosaur to pulsars. The stories aren't just fascinating, they're inspiring -- because they show that when it comes to discoveries, curiosity, attentiveness and persistence often matter more than luck!"

**Also in today's Times, Jack Grimston talks to J.K. Rowling about her charity work with orphans in Eastern (I'd say Central) European countries. She's accepted an invitation to travel to the Czech Republic after her work in Romania.