Thursday, March 09, 2006

Apologies for "Pigling Bland"

Simon de Bruxelles writes (for the Times) of a Beatrix Potter letter up for auction next month.

In the letter Potter apologizes to a six-year-old reader for a recent book, The Tale of Pigling Bland. Here's an excerpt of the absolutely lovely letter:
  • "'My dear Joy, I have had a photograph of you and nice funny pictures of Mrs Tittlemouse since last June! It is almost too late to say ‘thank you’; you will be quite surprised to get a letter. I was very ill last spring — I thought it was the last of Peter Rabbit — and since then I have been drawing dozens of pigs. I have been so tired of them, but the printers said all the little friends would be disappointed if I did not screw out my normal Christmas book.'"

Funny to think the same publishing concerns were germane to 1913.