Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random good things on a Sunday

There haven't been many reviews of children's books this weekend in the major media. One in fact (with the exception of the Times Children's Book of the Week, which hasn't been published yet in the U.S.)--KidsPost recommends Tonya Bolden's Cause: Reconstruction America, 1863-1877.

But A Fuse #8 Production has a couple of great links this weekend:
  • One resource she mentions as a "shameless co-worker promotion," but shameless or not, it is definitely one to watch. Warren Truitt blogs about Children's Music that Rocks. Finally! I'm one of those musically clueless people, and I'm thrilled that this new blog exists. I need just this kind of help. Keep up the good work, Warren.
  • Fuse #8 also points out kidSPEAK, an anti-censorship site just for children. kidSPEAK instructs the youngsters to READ! COMPLAIN! ORGANIZE! and GET HELP! A great resource.