Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Anthony Horowitz interview

Scott Moore interviews Anthony Horowitz for the Washington Post.

Moore and Horowitz talk about audience and violence in much of the interview. Here's a sample of their discussion:

SM: "How do you decide what level of intensity and violence you will have in your books?"
AH: "'I rather like violence in children's books, provided the violence is of a certain sort, divorced from reality: a James Bond villain dying a very grand death. I'm thinking of Damian Crane in 'Eagle Strike' being pushed onto a hostess trolley, which wheels itself out of the door of the aircraft, and he gets sucked into the engines -- one of my favorite deaths. . . . '"

But Horowitz was shocked by Cedric Diggory's death, saying, "'But I saw the last Harry Potter movie, and I was quite shocked. I would never kill a kid in a book. It's too horrific.'"

KidsPost also has a "Meet Anthony Horowitz" section. Favorite Book as a Child? Tintin.