Friday, May 12, 2006

A sad (but true) admission

It must be said. I had not read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series before now. How embarrasing! And, how sad for me. Now that I am "reading" (okay, it's my audible selection) the trilogy, I hate myself for waiting so long. What a truly great, miraculous work. I'm awed by how truly good it is.

This admission stems from recent posts at A Fuse #8 Productions and Read Roger about the New York Times' ridiculous Best American Fiction of the Last Twenty Five Years list. I say ridiculous because the whole exercise is silly for the reasons Laura Miller lists at Critical Mass. And, the only effect the resulting list had on me was to make me sad about the state of American Literature.

I'm off to enjoy The Amber Spyglass instead. Poetry Friday to follow later.