Thursday, June 08, 2006

Guardian's Children's Writer of the Month

Mini Grey is the Children's Writer of the Month at the Guardian.

Dina Rabinovitch profiles Grey in an extremely interesting article. Here is my favorite paragraph, just because it echoes my surprise at finding out Mini Grey is, actually, not American:
  • "When I first came across Mini Grey's picture books I was sure she was American - there's something about the idiom in her books which didn't feel English. It was a surprise to find out she was an ex-primary schoolteacher, now living in Oxford. But, like Lauren Child (whose fairy godmother character is a dead ringer for Endora, the mother-in-law in the old TV series Bewitched), Grey is one of those children's authors whose work bears the imprint of childhood years spent watching television. Since she and Child are also producing some of the most vivid and engaging work around, it's an interesting counterpoint to the usual anti-television arguments."


Best quote so far at the Children's Literature Association Conference: "Arthur is the icon of postmodern humanoid characters."