Monday, August 07, 2006

Review: Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher

Like Susan, I spent all day going through books. My kids have outgrown quite a number on the shelves (goodbye Babysitters Club!) and, while I was away, boxes of new books had arrived. Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher, by Larry Di Fiori, jumped out of one of those boxes and distracted me from the job at hand.

Jackie is a kid who constantly misplaces things. In fact, the book begins with a quote from Jackie's mother: "If your head wasn't attached to your shoulders, you would lose it." With this phrase literally hanging over Jackie's head, Jackie contemplates what mom is going to say when he returns home without his lunch pail. Then his (amazingly cute) dog, Baxter, notices Jackie is missing something else--his shadow.

Jackie and Baxter seek out Mr. Socrates, "the smartest man alive," for advice. Mr. Socrates gets to work and concludes Jackie's shadow has been stolen by The Shadow Snatcher and the adventure begins.

Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher is told and illustrated in classic comic book style. Di Fiori's illustrations are at once stylish and accessible. The Shadow Snatcher and his minions are deliciously wicked and Mr. Socrates has a wonderful old house crammed with books and instruments. Kids ages 5-10 will love Jackie and the Shadow Snatcher. It's highly recommended.