Monday, August 14, 2006

Review: Let's Go, Pegasus!

Jean Marzollo has written and illustrated a colorful, accessible retelling of the Perseus myth.

Let's Go, Pegasus! begins when the King announces he will marry Danae, Perseus' mother. The King gives Perseus one chance to save his mother--if he kills Medusa and brings home her head, Danae will be spared. Perseus is obviously worried and seeks the help of the gods. With Athena's shield and Hermes' boots Perseus is victorious and, "out of Medusa's body rose a beautiful white horse with wings. The horse gave Perseus a look, as if to say, 'Well, what are you waiting for?' Perseus leaped upon it, and together they flew into the sky."

Let's Go, Pegasus! is conversational and straightforward in style, perfect for children ages 3-7. Marzollo's illustrations are colorful, cheerful, and offer a child a lot to examine while listening. In a charming touch, owls serve as the Greek chorus in a band along the bottom of the pages. When Perseus seeks help at Mount Olympus, for example, the owls chime in: "There are twelve gods, but only two are listening to Perseus. Two is enough when it comes to Greek gods! Hoot! Hoot!"