Saturday, August 26, 2006


Amanda Craig talks to Michelle Paver about wolves and the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series for the Times. It's a fascinating article so I encourage you to read the entire piece, but here's an excerpt:
  • Paver’s Wolf is all animal, from his tingling whiskers to his hard, sensitive pads, but Torak can talk to him, and their adventures are told from both their viewpoints. Torak is brave, loyal, proud and clever; Wolf is simple but intelligent and often funny (he sees Torak as 'Tall Tailless'). Together, they have redefined a generation’s view of wolves: long the villains of children’s literature. This, Paver points out, is only a return to the way that they were seen in ancient times, by hunter-gatherers. 'It’s only since people became farmers that wolves were demonised as a threat to livestock,' she says.