Friday, September 22, 2006

Poetry Friday

Better late than never, no?

My Poetry Friday entry this week is A.S. Pushkin's "A Little Bird." It's a simple, but profound poem I like very much.

A Little Bird

In alien lands devoutly clinging
To age-old rites of Russian earth,
I let a captive bird go winging
To greet the radiant spring's rebirth.

My heart grew lighter then: why mutter
Against God's providence, and rage,
When I was free to set aflutter
But one poor captive from his cage!
Poetry Friday Roundup

Nancy shares some Elizabeth Barrett Browning at Journey Woman. Susan at Chicken Spaghetti talks about the Children's Poet Laureate discussion taking place here in the comments and links to two wonderful children's poems housed at The Poetry Foundation.

Christine M. shares a Lewis Carroll favorite over at The Simple and the Ordinary. Sherry also quotes from Lewis Carroll, her daughter's current favorite, at Semicolon.

Head on over to By Sun and Candlelight to celebrate autumn with Dawn and Emily Bronte!

Anne at Book Buds reviews When the Horses Ride By: Children in the Time of War and quotes from a poem in the book that makes her cringe. Becky at Farm School doesn't disappoint with wonderful poem by Welsh poet, Eiluned Lewis.

Wendy reviews Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich for Poetry Friday at Blog from the Windowsill.
Jen contributes a Shel Silverstein classic at Jen Robinson's Book Page before going wine tasting. (Jealous!)

Michele shares some Shakespeare and reviews Susan Cooper's King of Shadows (they're related, as Michele shows) at Scholar's Blog. Little Willow contributes "A Nest Full of Stars," by James Berry, at Slayground.

Adrienne shares Pink Kitty, by Julie Larios, at What Adrienne Thinks About That (I'm yawning now too, Adrienne!). Cloudscome cites a funny poem called "Handwriting" (by Donald Graves) at A Wrung Sponge.

Franki reviews a great new find, Don't Forget Your Etiquette! The Essential Guide to Misbehavior, at A Year of Reading. Melissa Wiley shares a gorgeous "Moving," by Randall Jarrell, at Here in the Bonny Glen.

Susan Taylor Brown celebrates caterpillars with a poem by Christina Rossetti at Susan Writes.
If I've missed you, please drop me a line or a comment!