Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Three Cats Writing

You may have seen information about this new children's blog novel on Fuse #8 and on Kids Lit, but I just wanted draw your attention to it again.

Three Cats Write (Apollo Kerley, Asta Nethery, Jemima Wing) have teamed up to serialize a children's novel, The Amber Baboon, on a blog. New chapters will be posted each weekday. Here's the intriguing opening to the novel:

Thebes, 1330 B.C.

In a land of majestic pyramids and tombs filled with gold, even the dead are not safe.

For thirty years, Queen Neferkitti had ruled the country with a velvet paw. Now, inside the royal palace, she and her attendant waited—one to mourn and one to die.

As the final breath rattled out of her chest, Queen Neferkitti bequeathed to her faithful attendant two small gifts: an alabaster vase with a golden lid, and her most beloved pet, a tiny baboon.

I think I need a new section on my blogroll for serialized novels. With The Amber Baboon and L. Lee Lowe's Mortal Ghost, I read two of them now.