Friday, October 13, 2006

More on The End

Dan Smith covers the publication of The End today for the Toronto Star. Handler is quoted as saying:
  • "'I already find your interest on such topics to be quite unhealthy. But I do admit that Mr. Snicket has expressed interest in some other cases that may have some overlap with the Baudelaires. But I don't think you should read them and so I think you should forget that I ever said that.'"

Arthur Salm interviews Daniel Handler by phone for the San Diego Tribune. Salm also asks about children's books in Sandler/Snicket's future:

  • "As for a new series, by Handler or Snicket or whomever: 'Yes, there's always a possibility. There are other things I'll be working on both for children and for adults. But readers should not expect Volume 1 of something next year. I'm of the belief that one has to go away before one can come back.'"

Susan Salter Reynolds interviews Handler (also by phone) for the Los Angeles Times. Here's a funny quote from the interview:

  • "Handler realized that he had become an adult when he and his wife attended their first parent council meeting at the slightly 'glamorous' preschool they chose for their son.'I couldn't believe I was a parent and not a student,' he laughs."

Tracy Grant reviews The End for the Washington Post and is disappointed by the inconclusive End: "Snicket has written a book that answers precious few of the questions readers have and tries to excuse his laziness and lack of creativity by saying one never fully understands anyone's life story -- not even one's own."