Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Review: Ghost Eats It All!

Is there a holiday out there better than Halloween? It's my favorite in any case, partially because children's books about Halloween are the most fun holiday books.
Ghost Eats It All!, by Janee Trasler, is a great example of pure Halloween fun. Aimed at the toddler set, Ghost Eats It All!, features a greedy ghost and a quiet, resentful, hungry Frankenstein.
Ghost eats ice cream, an egg, an apple, pizza, candy, and cake in front of Frankenstein. Frankenstein becomes more and more hungry and more and more angry at Ghost's insensitivity, so he finally takes action, scaring Ghost away.
It's a simple tale, but toddlers will love looking at Frankenstein's facial expressions as he becomes increasingly upset by Ghost's selfish consumption of all the sweets. Perfect read-aloud fun for the 1-5 year-old crowd. Happy Halloween!