Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Review: Please Don't Upset P.U. Zorilla!

Ah, the smell of skunk. You just can't escape it. You're driving along a country road and WHAM!

So how do you cope when you're the Mayor and you receive the following letter?: "My home was replaced by a shopping mall. I am looking for a new home. I am kind, hardworking, generally smell fine, and am good with children and animal. May I come to your town to live? Sincerely, P.U. Zorilla."

The mayor is a kindhearted sort of fellow, so he welcomes P.U. Zorilla "with open arms." Unfortunately, the "generally" in P.U.'s letter speaks volumes. His gig driving the school bus goes well until a fight breaks out in the back rows. His job at the pet store begins swimmingly--until a snake slithers in. With every new job, there's a new problem.

Lynn Rowe Reed's Please Don't Upset P.U. Zorilla! will be a huge hit with kids who like talking about disgusting smells. Oh, wait, that's all of them--at least in the two- to eight-year-old range.

Reed's kinetic illustrations will please as well. Please Don't Upset P.U. Zorilla is bright (much brighter than the image above) friendly, and funny. Reed uses collage, colorful childlike paintings, and real objects to illustrate this charmer of a picture book.

Please Don't Upset P.U. Zorilla is highly recommended for kids ages 2-8. It would make for a fun (and noisy) read-aloud in libraries, schools, and reading groups. Just gather a small crowd for maximum effect.