Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Review: Smile

This capsule review was written by Alice Herold.

Smile! by Geradine McCaughrean encourages the reader to have a fresh look at the power of photographs. Children for example, can be forever young. A photograph stops time! The photographer in the story, aptly named Flash, is a magician, a maker of pictures.

Flash's plane crashes into the wilderness. He is clutching a cheap, instant camera and has ten pictures left. Read this book to discover what he photographs and why and how the camera helps his rescuers to find him.

Many questions remained unasnswered, adding to the suspense. Was there a remote village? Was there a girl named Sutira? Did the instant camera exist? What would you photograph if you had 10 pictures only? This is a clever, thought-provoking book to be enjoyed by all ages!