Sunday, November 19, 2006

Totally Cool Internet Stuff

I've missed out on so much this week! I was away at a conference and between the travel, a birthday, and preparing a talk, I haven't posted about a number of totally cool kidlit internet events. Here's what's happening these days:

  1. The Cybils. This is it, folks! Tomorrow is your last day to nominate a book for a Cybils award. Head on over and have your voice heard. One book per category, please!

  2. Jennifer Armstrong is hosting two contests at her website--one is individual (a quiz) and the other is a class project (storytelling). Be sure to enter...The American Story is yours for the taking. And, it's well worth the effort.

  3. Renee, of Renee's Book of the Day and Shen's Blog, is putting together a cool podcast project. Head on over to get the full details, but, in summary, Renee is looking for your opinions on holiday books. Your thoughts will be put together in a nifty podcast.

  4. Sheila at Wands and Worlds is hosting a chat with Michael Buckley, author of The Sisters Grimm series. Sign you or a child up for only $5 and you can chat with the author himself. What will those sisters be up to next? (The chat takes place on Dec. 3)