Sunday, December 10, 2006

E.B. White profile

On the near eve of the release of the new Charlotte's Web, Ty Burr profiles E.B. White for the Boston Globe. (I'm trying to remain open-minded about the new movie, how about you?)

Burr reminds the reader that E.B. White wrote for adults as well, and that his essays are well worth reading: "White remains deliciously readable for grown-ups, with a style as clean as country linen. He wrote about the differing sensibilities of Manhattan and Maine in a way that grants wilderness and urbanity to both, and his weathered common sense is a lifeline in troubled times."

Burr also writes of White's relunctant entry into the world of children's literature. It's as if the stories (or, at least, the characters) came into White's mind, whether he wanted them or not. Head on over and read.
Hey! It's E.B. White's weekend. David L. Ulin considers Charlotte's Web for the Los Angeles Times.