Saturday, January 13, 2007

Weekend Reviews (I)

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. We have snow (brrr!) in Smalltown, the first of this winter. But my computer is working and I'm not on the road, so it's time for the weekend reviews. Here's what's out there so far:

Daniel Handler (of all people) reviews etiquette books for the youngsters in the New York Times. Here's a stunning quote from the article: "Whoopi Goldberg’s philosophical principles are sounder. (It’s so nice to write a sentence one suspects has never been written before.) "

Stephanie Deutsch (New York Times) reviews Russell Freedman's The Adventures of Marco Polo, illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.

This week's New York Times "Bookshelf" is devoted to picture books, including one that is a must find for our house--Moon Plane, by Peter McCarty.

Elizabeth Ward is back in the Washington Post. This week she reviews picture books including:
  • Pierre in Love, by Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Petra Mathers
  • Bronzeville Boys and Girls, by Gwendolyn Brooks, illustrated by Faith Ringgold
  • Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, retold and illustrated by Marcia Williams
  • Dimity Dumpty The Story of Humpty's Little Sister, by Bob Graham

Margaret Reynolds discusses what makes Tom's Midnight Garden so truly special in the Times.

More tomorrow...