Friday, February 23, 2007

Celebrating Children's Books

Amanda Craig and a host of well-known writers celebrate Dr. Seuss for World Book Day in the Times. I love what Meg Rosoff has to say about The Cat in the Hat: "I still know lots of it by heart. Having read The Cat in the Hat to my daughter, I just love how weird and radical it is, with the two blank-eyed children staring out of the window, and the mother who is somewhere else. "

I love that too, even though I know it's somewhat disturbing!

Jacqueline Wilson talks about her autobiography (for children--how wonderful) in the Guardian. She wrote it for what I consider to be excellent reasons:

  • " 2005, I was made the children's laureate, and possibly because of this I learnt that my editors at Random House were thinking of commissioning someone to write a slim biographical book about my life and work. I was flattered - but I also started to fret about the idea. Just call me a control freak, but I decided that maybe I wanted to write it. That way I'd be able to decide how I was going to do it, what to put in - and, more importantly, what to leave out."

Amanda Craig reviews dragon books for the Times. Amanda Craig and dragons? Can't beat that. Enjoy!