Friday, February 02, 2007

New (or new to me) Blog Roundup

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs! Here's what I'm adding to the blogroll this weekend:

  • CynJay--A new blog by Cynthia Jaynes Omololu, my writing group friend who reviews for The Edge of the Forest and whose first picture book will be out next year.
  • Midwestern Lodestar--ZG is a former Youth Services Librarian. She also won MotherReader's 48-hour reading challenge last summer.
  • Writer Kristopher Reisz's blog.
  • Becky's Book Reviews--Becky reviews "mostly new" children's and young adult literature.
  • UR student reflections on Children's Literature--a new blog. Okay, here's the scoop on this interesting blog. UR is an independent study student and Tricia the instructor. UR writes about her reading and Tricia comments. Teaching in action!
  • The Longstockings--this group blog written by eight authors is on many a blogroll, but I've only run into it lately. Great blog!
  • Writer Stacy DeKeyser's blog--Stacy's journal.
  • ETA: Miss Erin. Erin is a teenaged girl who is crazy about books and fantasy in particular. She served on The Cybils nominating committee for fantasy and science fiction and is one smart cookie.
  • Writer Jill Esbaum's blog--Down a Dusty Gravel road (Jill and I, it seems, live in the same state.)