Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Pet Peeve

Okay, guys, I have a new pet peeve. It's very minor and, yes, petty, so I'm hiding it behind a "read more" button. If you don't want to witness me at my curmudgeonly worst, then skip this post.

Here's the deal. I can't stand the confusion between fewer and less ever present in the mainstream media. If you're interviewing an actor or a rockstar and he or she says "I have less friends, because...", okay, fine, I'll accept it. They're not in the business of words. But, these commercials and ads and articles whose authors regularly mess up fewer and less...well they're making me lose my mind. I just saw an ad for a major product (I've already forgotten what it was) and it was less X when they meant fewer X (something you can count) throughout. AARGH!

See what a curmudgeon I am? Also, since I'm ranting, just let me add that I hated Outlander. People I love and trust adore this book. I'm so glad it's over. The kilts and the heather and the beatings did me in. Oh, and the romance part.

As Michele would say [/rant].

(And yes, I do realize people will be able to read this entire post on bloglines and the like, but I just couldn't help myself.)