Thursday, February 08, 2007

Review: Storytime: First Tales for Sharing

This book was reviewed by Alice Herold

Storytime: First Tales for Sharing, rewritten by Stella Blacksone and illustrated by Anne Wilson, is a collection of seven stories for those children who are under five. The author writes that one of her earliest memories was sitting in her armchair when she was young reading a book of fairy tales passed down to her by her father.

I enjoyed the author's rewriting style. The first sentence of "The Three Little Pigs" reads "The three little pigs were all pink and plump, and they all had curly, whirly tails." The wolf refers to himself as "your friendly, local wolf." He goes on to state, "I think it's time for an early evening snack." The wolf eventually falls into the cooking pot by leaping onto the roof, giving a roar of triumph and plunging down the chimney.

This book is colorfully illustrated by Anne Wilson. The pictures make the stories come alive which are sure to be a hit for young children. I plan to give this book to my soon-to-be youngest grandchild. Yes, we buy books for the grandbaby's library before we buy the diapers. Don't you?