Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Jacqueline Wilson interview

Jacqueline Wilson is interviewed again, this time by Hannah Pool for the Guardian.

I think one of the reasons Wilson really reaches her audience is her honesty. Take a look at this exchange:

Q: Divorce plays a big part in your books. Does the high divorce rate make you angry?
A: I think it's sad, but then I'm divorced myself.

Love it!

She also has a unique take on the recent UN report that concluded that kids in the U.K. and the US are worse off than children in any other industrialized country:

Q: There have been reports recently that British children are the least happy in Europe. Do we fail our children?

A: I think most parents do take parenthood seriously and try very hard to please their children. I think all of us just want to muddle through the best we can. I wouldn't know where people are going wrong; maybe our teenagers are just a bit more articulate in moaning about their lot in life.

(Okay, I agree with Wilson that maybe parents are not at fault, but I hardly think we can chalk this up to articulate children!)
Also in the Guardian--another Minister (British) wants boys to read more.