Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New (or new-to-me) Blog Roundup

It's that time again! Time for another tinkering of the blogrolls. A lot has been happening in the last few weeks, so this will be quite the post.
  • I've been meaning to do a "for kid/teen readers" heading for awhile now. Readergirlz needs a spot, so I'll be working on that. If you know of any superb sites for child and teen readers, please do let me know.
  • Somehow Brotherhood 2.0 never made it onto the blogroll, though I've been following it from the beginning.
  • Here's a great livejournal site: lectitans. It always takes me longer to find the livejournal sites. Anyone else suffer from this problem?
  • Readathon is a new participant in the kidlitopshere, now running a Girls You Should Know series.
  • In the Pages is another general book blog I'm watching. Becky writes about children's and adult fiction.
  • book, book, book: "Rants, ruminations, and recommendations, on kidlit, teen lit, libraries, and divers topics tangentially related to any of the above."
  • Charlotte's Library. Charlotte is an "archaeologist by day, and the president of the Friends of small New England library by night."
  • Zee Says is a new librarian blog. Zee is a film addict and a teen librarian and writes about books, movies, teen issues, and teen tech.