Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Review: The Friskative Dog

This review was written by Alice Herold
The Friskative Dog, by Susan Straight, is about a fourth grade girl, Sharron, who has a stuffed dog given to her by her father. The dog's name is Friskative because he's always leaping around on her bed. Sharron's father, a truck driver, disappeared on a long run to Atlanta and never came back! He didn't answer his cell phone. People at his work claimed there was no scheduled run to Atlanta. The police were involved but it had been over a year since his disappearance. Is it any wonder Sharron keeps Friskative on his leash even when they sleep?

One day Friskative Dog disappears too! Read this charming book to discover what happened to Sharron's dad and her stuffed dog.

I like this book because it depicts the strength we women have. Sharron's paternal grandmother shares no blood with Sharron's mother but nevertheless loved her and supported her like a mother would. Of course, they had Sharron in common and the grandmother states, "That makes love."

The author has written several books for adults but this one is her first for children. I look forward to many more. (An aside...she lives 30 miles from where I live!)
Editorial note: The Friskative Dog, at 160 pages, is a true Middle Grade title intended for children 8-12 and, in fact, skews towards the younger end of this group. I love the cover too!