Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Reviews (I)

A Happy Weekend to one and all! Here are the early weekend reviews:

This weekend sees several reviews of children's books in the New York Times...

Kathryn Hughes reviews Philip Reeves Here Lies Arthur for the Guardian. (More brilliants, etc. In less than a month I'll be in the U.K. Here Lies Arthur and Helen Dunmore's The Deep will be the first books I'm picking up, maybe even at the airport.)

Elizabeth Ward reviews books for children ages 5-10 (Middle Readers), including:

  • Once Upon a Full Moon, by Elizabeth Quan
  • Jeremy the Wonderer, by Nancy Bonduranat
  • Violet Bing and the Big House, by Jennifer Paros
  • Stink and the World's Super-Stinky Sneakers, by Megan McDonald

Mary Harris Russell considers five new books for the Chicago Tribune, including:

  • The Linden Tree, by Ellie Mathews
  • Wildly Romantic: The English Romantic Poets--the Mad, the Bad, and the Dangerous, by Catherine M. Andronik
  • Dogs and Cats, by Steve Jenkins
  • Violet Bing and the Grand House, by Jennifer Paros
  • From Dawn to Dreams: Poems for Busy Babies, by Peggy Archer, illustrated by Hanako Wakiyama

More tomorrow...