Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Reviews (II)

I'm back home in Smalltown for a few days before taking off again.* There have just been tons of reviews available online this weekend, so here's the second part of the roundup.

Jackie Braun considers books for the youngest readers (including the great Who's Hiding) in The Flint Journal.

Naked Bunyip Dancing, by Steven Herrick, is the Times Children's Book of the Week.

Susie Wilde reviews activity books for the Raleigh News & Observer.

In this week's Observer: Kate Kellaway reviews Tim Lott's Fearless and Alice Hoffman's Incantation. (She loves the second one.)

Mike Lupica's Summer Ball is the Washington Post KidsPost Book of the Week.

* Has anyone noticed that air travel becomes just worse and worse every year? It seems like it would be impossible for it to get worse, but somehow it does. After this trip, I've decided that if I'm headed to the East Coast, I'm driving. 'Cause it's only 1000 miles to the Atlantic. And, you know what? It's cheaper and less stressful to drive two days. It took me longer to get to Virginia than if I had driven and that's including a 12-hour hotel stay in the driving plans. Seriously. From now on, if the trip contains more than 1000 miles, I'll fly. Fewer, and it's the car. (This kvetch comes from the "it's my blog" category.)