Friday, January 18, 2008

Poetry Friday: Snowday

It's been a busy winter so far in Smalltown. It's only mid January, and we've already had three snow days. Yesterday we awoke to 6 more inches of snow and a snow day. In honor of the festivities (hah!), I bring you Billy Collins and "Snow Day" for this Poetry Friday. I have chosen the three stanzas which relate most to my life, but please do head on over the Poetry to read the entire poem. The final two stanzas are priceless.

"Snow Day"

But for now I am a willing prisoner in this house,
a sympathizer with the anarchic cause of snow.
I will make a pot of tea
and listen to the plastic radio on the counter,
as glad as anyone to hear the news

that the Kiddie Corner School is closed,
the Ding-Dong School, closed.
the All Aboard Children’s School, closed,
the Hi-Ho Nursery School, closed,
along with—some will be delighted to hear—

the Toadstool School, the Little School,
Little Sparrows Nursery School,
Little Stars Pre-School, Peas-and-Carrots Day School
the Tom Thumb Child Center, all closed,
and—clap your hands—the Peanuts Play School.

read the rest of the poem here.
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