Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Reviews (I-II)

I hope you all are having a wonderful first weekend in February. A stack of papers to grade and a darn groundhog threw me off track for a couple of days, but I'm back with the best in this weekend's reviews. Here we go:

Profile Alert: Melissa Whitworth talks to Judy Blume for the Telegraph.

Hillary Rhodes recommends Valentine books for the
AP. (Link via North County Times.)

Julie Wilkenstein recommends new books "at the library" for the Contra Costa Times.

Another profile alert: Tammy La Gorce talks to Patricia Reilly Giff for the New York Times.

Hmm...So far, more profiles than reviews this weekend: Amanda Craig talks to Carole Wilkinson, author of the Dragonkeeper series, for the Times.

Interesting article alert: Amanda Craig celebrates naughty children in children's books. (Better there, than at home, I say!)

Mary Harris Russell reviews five new children's books for The Chicago Tribune, including Linda Buckley-Archer's newest (in the States), The Time Thief.

Vanessa Curtis reviews Out of Breath, by Julie Myerson, for the Scotsman. (YA ghost story. Sounds good!)

Don't miss Elizabeth Ward's review column in the Washington Post: This week she considers books with "life lessons in black and white."

Well, that's all, folks. A slow week for children's books in the major media.