Friday, March 28, 2008

A Poetry Friday Original

Hooray for Poetry Friday! I'm in this week with an original which was written in a tenuous state of good humor.

"March 28"

I skulk like Dostoevsky in
a stale brown coat.
Keys and red pens and oboe reeds clink
on denim thigh.
Inside, strappy sandals, Swedish soles
dance in their box.
Outside, snow grovels in hairy spikes
over the lawns
up the roofs,

Inside, new toes in "All Laquered Up"
sulk in black socks.
Inside my ear Ian whispers of
Edinburgh winds
and colder-hearted Scots with knives
and alibis.
It's March. The Twenty-Eighth. In the
Upper Midwest.
In Smalltown.
Photo from the OPI website in honor of the first (and wasted) pedicure of the year.
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