Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graphic Novel Review: Life Sucks

Life Sucks takes a long hard look at the life of a teen vampire and finds it's not what the mythology promised. The glamour, the cool clothes, the superpowers--they're all missing from teen vampire Dave's life. Instead Dave works at an all-night convenience store for a terrible vampire boss in Los Angeles and whiles his days away sleeping and watching Mexican soaps.

When a super hot Goth girl walks into Dave's convenience store, he's smitten. But even under the best of circumstances asking a girl out when you're a vampire is not easy. And the best of circumstances end early for poor Dave. He's challenged by his much cooler vampire "brother" Wes (they were bitten by the same Romanian vampire boss Dave works for) to a dating duel. Dave knows he's at a disadvantage: He's a sensitive, geeky guy, while Wes is a big blond surfer Dude who just happens to be completely amoral and will stop at nothing to win Goth girl's admiration.

Life Sucks plays with vampire stories, class and race relationships in Los Angeles, and teen stereotypes. Writers Jessica Abel and Gabriel Sora get teen speak right--which means it's not always politically correct and self aware, especially when the loathsome Wes opens his mouth. Illustrator Warren Pleece's panes are moody, dark and beautiful--they'll draw that teen reader right in to the story. Life Sucks is highly recommended for teens ages fourteen and up.

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